3.3.18 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ | Event⋮ #RecognitionGBOF. | Arena⋮American Airlines, Center…

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✘ 3.3.18
♱ | Event⋮ #RecognitionGBOF.
♱ | Arena⋮American Airlines, Center.
♱ | Location⋮Dallas, Texas.
━━━━ 【US Championship Tournament】 ━━━━
Recognition Great Balls Of Fire Live – from the American Airlines, Center in Dallas, Texas would continue taking host to this exclusive Recognition Network Pay-Per-View Special for the red brand of RAW! The beloved fans in the Recognition Universe would wait in preparation for this extravagant event to continue with the United States Championship Tournament! The show return, from a brief video package – with Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, and Seth Rollins all ready to try and punch their ticket to WrestleMania II! The bell sounded quickly, with Jeff Hardy charging out of his respective corner with a wicked right hand forearm to the jaw of Sheamus! Hardy looked to continue having control, sending Sheamus backing into the corner. But, Rollins charged out of his corner – attacking the back of Jeff with a double axe handle smash! Sheamus recovered and worked with Seth for the meantime. Rollins and Sheamus merciless began two stomp away on the body of Hardy! Sheamus grabbed Jeff and planted him with a devastating Irish-Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus crawled to the cover: 1.. 2.. Rollins would make the save, glaring down the Celtic Warrior! Seth and Sheamus began to get into a battle of heated words, before connecting with a series of lefts and rights! Rollins got the upper-hand — and whipped Sheamus off the ropes! Rollins looked to follow through with a ‘High Knee!’ But, Sheamus countered – planting Rollins with a vicious Irish-Curse Backbreaker! Sheamus covered: 1.. 2.. Hardy would make the save! Jeff grabbed Sheamus and whipped him off the ropes – taking him down with a beautiful clothesline! Sheamus slowly got to his feet. As, Jeff charged into the corner following through with ‘Whisper in the Wind’ on Sheamus! Hardy quickly crawled and covered Sheamus: 1.. 2.. KICKOUT!
━━━━ 【Continued in comments】 ━━━━